Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TV mania!

With everyone's favorite shows coming back in next week or so, I wanted to share one of my favorite guilty pleasures. When tv season is really ramped up, I have a hard time keeping up with all the recaps, but they are witty and give some good insight.
They cover almost everything I watch and some of the stuff is really funny. I especially enjoy the American Idol recaps because the sarcasm is thick and awesome.
They just re-did the format and I really like it. I have been coming to this site daily for a few years now and still can't get enough. I was roaming around on it now and they even have a Movies Without Pity section. They don't do the fun recaps, but they have alot of articles on there and links to reviews. They also have a fun section "Brilliant but Canceled" that is nice if you had that one show you really liked and those bastards canceled it!!!

Tomorrow is closing on the loan. Yay! I my have to stop at Ann Taylor on the way to work after... there is a cute khaki jacket I have been eying and it is on sale and now that the outfit is in my head... i must get it! Maybe some jeans too. My jeans are worn looking and I want a nice pair of dark ones that you can dress up with heels or wedges.

Yay spring/summer! Wedges and skirts and tank tops oh my!

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