Friday, April 18, 2008

Packaging vs. Reality

I get irritated by the packaging on certain products because they don't make sense. For instance, I got the Jimmy Dean D-lights so that I could eat one for breakfast each day at work. That is 5 days, right? How many come in the box? - 4! So.. what do I do on the 5th day? Or do I buy 2 box's? That is still only 8 - not 10. So no matter what, you never have enough for the week or 2....
Yoplait has a yogurt out that will "regulate" you and wants you to try it for 10 days. How many come in the box? 4! so even if you buy 2, you don't have enough! NICE! So then you have to buy 3 and you have too many... and yogurt goes bad (which may be why they did it) but would it be so hard to package 5? Doesn't make sense!
I feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride when he goes nuts over hot dogs vs. buns!!!


The Riddle Family said...

I know, it's like common sense kinda stuff! I get annoyed by stuff like that too!

Donald said...

We were talking about that at work yesterday, in regards to how the buns don't match up to hot dogs or hamburgers...there's always too many of one and not enough of the other.

The only thing I can think of for the yogurt and the breakfast things is that people like even numbers, and it's easier to package. However, it'd be nicer if they did 6 so that you could do Mon-Sat or something (or have a snack) versus having one less.