Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kitchen - Day 2

Today you can tell that something happened! It smells like tar in the house because at some point, someone used tar to lay a floor. I don't even want to know!
Here is what the kitchen looks like now:Pretty huh? So you can see the tar lines on the floor and they are gross! Tomorrow they are coming back to scrape that up. Then Friday the floor will be leveled and then on Wednesday the tile will be laid in. THEN the cabinets!! I think after the cabinets and floor, I can at least have a real fridge. Maybe everything. He said that I may have a plywood counter for a little while until the granite comes in, so that makes me think the dishwasher and oven can be installed too!
Here is our make shift kitchen (the fridge is in the garage):
The only thing I make in here is dog food!
All the dishes and pots are in the guest room:
So that is day 2!

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