Sunday, April 6, 2008

Money...that's what I want!

Soooo.... Yesterday Lee is hanging out with Tony and they start talking about the Play Station 3. And not 1 hour later, we have one in our living room. This creates a whole new problem. Our current surround sound receiver and the PS3 don't have all the right ports to let everything hook up nicely and work together. So now Ben and Lee are out to buy a new receiver. Yet, just yesterday Lee was all "we spend too much money" while I am getting a dog seatbelt for Lola (Teddy uses Luther's) since I will be transporting them around town all the time during the kitchen renovation. Okie Dokie! Lee said "Hey, we can say this is what we did with that extra tax check we get this year." Something tells me Mr. Bush didn't want those checks being spent on gadgets and gizmos! (or whoist's and whatsit's for that matter..)

Menu This week:
Sunday: Shrimp and Chorizo sausage and spanish cous-cous
Monday: Steak, green bean, and pepper stirfry.
Tuesday: Lee's out. I will try the Hungry-Girl approved Alfredo with the tofu noodles I got last week....
Wednesday: Out with Andy and Candace.
Thursday: Thursday night dinner at Donald and Jimmy's.
Friday: Always out!!

This is officially the last week I will be cooking in this kitchen, and I somehow got away with only 2.5 nights (tuesday's is a microwave-all-the-parts meal).

I washed my hair this morning and can already see the highlights a little more, but I still want to go back, like tomorrow, and get more. I will wait. But you know, after all this gadget buying this weekend, I feel less bad about how much my blonde transition will end up costing!! STILL LESS THAN THE PLAYSTATION!!!

I need a margarita...

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Donald said...

Actually, Mr. Bush & Co *do* want us to spend the money on puts money into the economy as a stimulus.
The concern is that people are going to be inclined to put it towards debt or savings, with the economy concerns. Mine is going towards debt...but I'm already a bad citizen :P

As for the money...that's ALWAYS a point of view! hahaha If you think it's something stupid, then it's a waste. If it's something you want, then of course it's okay!!

Yay for new receiver ;) Secondhand Nash stuff ROCKS. :D