Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ktichen Update!

Now we're talking! Nothing much has happened because after the tar floor, we had a concrete floor. Then yesterday some electrical work was done. Now - today - FLOOR! My gorgeous tumbled travertine floor is here! I can't believe how much variance is in each tile. No 2 are the same and I think it's awesome looking!Don't worry, the blue walls are going away! I am going with a dark khaki/grey. I know, everyone's version of khaki and grey are different. But the kitchen as a whole will be really neutral and the fun and colors will come from art and accessories. I know this is very girl of me, but I am excited to get stuff on top of the cabinets! Greenery, vases, plates, etc... I think it just adds softness to the kitchen. Someone I was talking to (we aren't good friends anymore) I was telling about the colors and he said "So, where is the color going to come in?" He assumed since the floor is mocha, the cabs are white, and the paint is taupe that it was going to have no color. PSHAW! whatever! RUDE!
Just because he has tacky suburbs black granite...
Anyway, tomorrow they will grout and then saturday they will seal. Then cabinets on Monday! WOOOOOO!

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