Monday, April 21, 2008

Auntie Bre!

Well I am once again an Aunt. Well, really I am a 2nd cousin but Aunt is easier. Especially since my cousins and I are like siblings. Hannah Maree Williams was born April 20th at 7am-ish. Here is her mommy, Audrea, not too long after.
Now, everyone knows I am NOT a baby person. I am afraid of them and not sure I even want one of my own. But... this one is pretty darn cute!

In other news, we had Donald's birthday brunch at Escalante's in Highland Village, Sunday. Here are a few pics of that:
Donald is exclaiming that this dog looks like Chi-Chi - Jimmy's dog. "How did you get Chi Chi on a card??!!"This is Mike (my boss) and Donald. I am currently match-making these two! MWUHAHAH!

Escalante's has GREAT drinks and Jennifer enjoyed a few bloody mary's! (Her husband Dave is on the left and Jimmy on the right..)
We had a great weekend and now we are ready for Kitchen Demo! I cleaned out the kitchen today while waiting on the cabinets to be delivered, so I made a mock-kitchen in the study with the microwave and the plates and cups. I got some sandwich stuff so we can just eat that when we don't want to go out. I must have really wanted a sandwich today because I enjoyed it so much I could have eaten 2!
We are going to the Astro's game tonight! I am looking forward to a big stadium-hot dog with relish and mustard! MMMMMMM!

Right now, however, I want a cookie!
Off to scavenge!

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