Saturday, April 5, 2008

More about me....

I 'm a 27 yr old girl. I am transitioning from red to blondish hair. I like to eat Italian food, fajitas, and CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. I like to sleep in if I can. I don't stay up late and sometimes wear my make-up to bed. I hate to do laundry. I like to clean the house. I have a two puppies that I spoil worse than the cat, which makes me feel guilty. I'm addicted to pretty clothes. I like to dance around the house and blare the music. I prefer going out to having to cook. I want to work out but i haven't found the time. I want to be married to Lee forever. I hate when people lie to your face. I love diamonds and want lots of them. I hate MINI VANS. I love animals and want lots of land so i can adopt plenty of them. I love soaking up the sun by the pool or at the beach. I hate girls who have a tan as dark as can be since i can't get one hardly. I don't think you should wear tight clothes if you don't have the body to do so. I like to have control of the remote. I hate baseball season because it lasts too long. I would have plastic surgery if I really needed it (oops... already did!). I don't like it when you can tell they're fake. I love Iced Caramel Macchiatos. I love spending lazy days with my husband. I love to go swimming rather than just sitting there. I hate girls who wear make-up to the gym. I get jealous of Lee's poker. I want to find a way to make playing poker on the internet impossible. I love having Donald as my best friend, but at the same time I miss the mess out of Katie.. it hurts that she hasn't called to tell me she is pregnant, i had to find out from someone else... I love going to the movies. I love it when it rains, i think it is romantic and calming.. I am not afraid of hurricane season, but i am terrified of Tornadoes.. I want to be rich and i want to be a housewife. I finally have a job I enjoy. I pray when i see car wrecks and funeral processions. I miss luther so much it hurts.. and see alot of him in Teddy and that makes me miss him more, yet remember him fondly. Did I mention I love pretty clothes?

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