Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun day!

Today was the crawfish boil hosted by Jennifer and Deidra at Deidra's home in the Heights. We were all worried about rain, but the rain came at 3am, and the sunshine came at 1, so we were good to go! Jennifer was a little stressed when I got there, but she was quick to apologize. She said that the 3 kids that were there (in the 4-6 year range) didn't want crawfish so they went to McDonald's and got a 50 piece bucket of chicken nuggets. When they got back, the kids were eating crawfish.... So... after that, we had some fun.When i found out that Jimmy Buffett had released his beer, I had said I would drink it. I am not a beer fan by any means. Well today at the grocery store, there it was! I actually had 3!
It was really crisp and light and I don't feel really bloaty or anything!
I have discovered a few new products that I really really like. Since I don't tan (see photo above!!) I am always hunting for sunless ways to have a nice glow. But I hate the smell you get from most of those deals. I had tried a spray on bronzer, but it left wierd marks where the stream hit you, and I didn't like the color. I have tried the new Banana Boat Dial-a-Day and I so far like it. I put some on this morning on the lighter side and now I am seeing a little color. I can turn the dial and get more color tomorrow.The other new thing I tried is Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascara. I usually think mascara is mascara. I did the one with white on one end and black on the other, i have tried most of them. But I picked this one up b/c the brush looked cool. I love this stuff! It really doesn't clump and give you spider lashes!

We came home and watched Enchanted and Lee was dreading it. Especially when the first few minutes was cartoon! But once it was over, he said "You are right, that was a really cute movie." It was a HAPPY movie and I love happy movies. Dan in Real Life (which we watched because Sara recommended it!) was AWESOME and we are loving the soundtrack. I even made one song my ring tone!
Well the sun and beer has left me sleepy so I am off to bed. It may rain tomorrow so I am glad we had a chance to be outside today.

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