Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Cleaning Part 1

Today I cleaned out the closets. I had sets of clothes in each closet so I went through and pulled out things I never wear and put them in a bag. Then I moved all the winter/fall stuff into the spare closet and moved some spring stuff into our master bedroom closet (the whole 8' wide by 2' deep closet... nice huh? Old house!) I threw away some dingy and torn stuff, and a mess of wire hangers. Dang dry cleaner!!
Sunday we have to clean out the kitchen since demo commences on Monday! So I am sure alot of stuff will be box'd to give away and the rest will be organized chaos in the guest room to put away when the new kitchen is finished. I am excited about that because my organizational skills can be put to work!
Poor Lee, when I come to him when the kitchen is done and say "So I need to buy decorational things for on top of the cabinets!"... he will be like "BUT THE KITCHEN WAS SOOOO PRICEY!" :) Hey, he's the one that married a designer.
I have a Schnauzer poster that i got a few months ago that I need to get framed to go in the kitchen. I can't decide on wood frame or white (goes with the kitchen.)

The wood would look best, but maybe a chocolate mat with white frame would be pretty too.
I am worn out from cleaning the closet, so I am going to make my dinner and head to the sofa for some R&R. I am making the Tofu Noodles tonight. I can't decide on the alfredo recipe or if I should just cook the noodles and put marinara on top with some cheese. I guess I will see how I feel.


The Riddle Family said...

Hooray for demo commencement and no more dishes!

I wouldn't introduce any new colors when framing. It looks like the background of the poster is a light tan color... I think I would go with a wood frame and an off white matte - something like a warm white maybe... You have such a great eye, it will look awesome however you frame it.

Donald said...

What color are the walls and cabinets going to be?

Miiiight want to go with the brown matte and white frame, since that'll go with the cabinets. A wood frame is always iffy because it could clash with the table (or next table, or future table).