Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Addiction Continued...

So on Hungry-Girl.com, I read about these Tofu Noodles that will "change your life!" I found them at Central Market today so I am going to try them either tonight or another night and see how I like them. In extreme frustration, I am unable to find Boca Meatless Chili. I found another brand but the website had said how extremely awesome this stuff was and I needed it to make taco salad tonight. So, if this brand is yuck, I will try the noodles! I mean, the entire package of noodles are 40 calories... how badass is that????


The Riddle Family said...

I did some research on the Boca website and they have the chili in your area!!! According to their website, they have them at these stores... It looks like mostly Krogers! Cool huh? I am going to have to try that chili too!


BTW, did you see that HG is coming out with a cookbook?

The Riddle Family said...

Ummm, it looks like my link cut out on my first post... I will e-mail it to you. :)