Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's take a tour!

You  may have noticed, that in the midst of wedding week - the blog got a major refresh!
First, I must give credit to the awesome Lauren at BlueLuxStudio! (her button is at the bottom right)

Now - I wanted to take you on a little tour just in case you missed anything!

First - I now have some quick-link buttons at the top.
 The first link (other than  Home) is "Our Story" It's different than the long one I played out last week, and more of an About Us. It's for anyone who has stopped by and wants to know about the weirdo who writes this blog...
Then we have "Our Home." This is so you can take a tiny tour of our tiny bungalow. We haven't moved up to our "second home" status of more than one bathroom, a real entryway, etc... but we do love our little place. It works for us for now. There aren't outside photos either because we haven't landscaped.
Then Recipes will take you over to Sticks To Your Ribs - where today I am talking about the cupcakes I made because Jenni decided to blog about them Friday. Even with the stomach bug I drooled at those damn cupcakes!

Lastly there is the link up section. Please oh please with a cherry on top go like my Facebook page! You can also follow me on Twitter, subscribe through a feed, and send me a nice little email..

AND! There is the new and improved Header and Button! If you feel so inclined, please display my pretty new button on your site!

If you scroll all the way to the bottom, I have many many buttons of sites I love. They are down there for a cleaner look, not because I don't want them displayed. I am thinking of having a Button of the Week or Month up on the side to draw attention to certain sites. Thoughts?

I need a blogger for this week's Friday Face! Send me an email (remember, just click the email link!) if you would like to be featured and I will work up some questions.

I hope you like the new site!



Donald said...

liking the Button of the Month idea - good way to showcase it without having an entire list right on the homepage

keep rolling with the good ideas :)

Jessica DeWitt said...

Um! Luv it!!

Chloe said...

Love it!!
And love that button of the week/month idea!!

Jenny said...

cute site :D i'm reading the HES GONNA MARRY ME POST as i write this (cause im talented like that). lovin' your blog :D