Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Send money... I need new stuff!

Guys. Gals. Whatever you are as you read this post...

I am in the middle of a bad case of the "I wants."

For instance this week's Pottery Barn catalog came in and I started "I want!" like a 2 year old at everything on the page!
Such as:
Source: Pottery Barn.com

Also - please add the pool and towels.. hell even the beer.

What about:
Source: Pottery Barn.com
This is nicer than the living furniture we have. I WANT!

And for my desk (in a newly designed office right?) I need:
I mean, hellooooo, the new site has this as my logo. So obviously I need it for inspiration right?


Ok then.

Well I am also in the middle of I WANT a bigger house. And in this bigger house, where I also found a money tree in the back yard, I want a beautiful new kitchen.

With Bamboo Cabinets:
Source: Lagunabamboo.com
And Quartz counters that look like concrete:
Source: Ceasarstone.com
And light, fresh, possibly white tile backsplash:
Source: Knoxtile.com
For now.. the only I Want I can fulfill... is a cup of coffee...

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Missy said...

welcome to my life! my hubby said that is how I start each sentence and my dad swears those were my first words!!

mother's day is just a couple weeks away...start your wish list...I have!

Lee said...

Oh boy. Time for me to go sell some hella software!

Suniverse said...

I have to stop looking at catalogs every once in a while or I lose my mind.

Love those counters.

Jessica DeWitt said...

Want in one hand.... Poop in the other.. See which one fills up faster.. Is what they used to tell me.
I'm pretty sure I could fill up the wants REAL fast.

Chloe said...

How cool!!
I want all those things too!!
If you ever receive so much money, would you share it with me?

Diane Haynes said...

I think you deserve it all!!!