Friday, April 1, 2011

Worst Week Ever

Logan was sick this week.. it feels like we have been through the ringer...twice.

I started noticing something was up on Tuesday night, when he would barely eat anything and then would just go to sleep (after screaming for 30 minutes) then he was up every hour all night long. On Wednesday morning he had a 101 fever. I gave him "Little Fevers" (tylenol) and we called the Dr. I had an extremely important meeting that day and needed to go into work, so Lee stayed home and called his mom for support.

I get to work at 11am and right when my meeting starts at 2:30, Lee calls and says "The Dr. wants to see him. We have an appt at 3:30." This scared me. I thought he just had a little fever, maybe a cold, now the Dr? Unfortunately, the meeting was a waste on my part for the first 45 minutes because what everyone was talking about had nothing to do with what I was there to present.. so at 3:15, I had to bail and leave poor MyLien to fend for herself!

The Dr said that since he was congested, the fluid in his ears couldn't drain so he was getting an ear infection. Now he is on that yummy bubble gum med we all remember.

Barely any sleep Wednesday night as well, but last night he did pretty good for being sick. Hopefully tonight he will do well. We got him a cool mist humidifier and have been running that at night so he can sleep.

It's still been hectic since he is still getting better, but he is at least smiling and happy again. He doesn't want to eat much because sucking on the bottle hurts the ears, so I am going to try spoon feeding him to see how much I can get him to eat.

We have some lazy yet fun stuff planned for this weekend, and boy do we need he R&R.


Missy said...

hope the little guy feels better soon...for both your sakes!!!

WhisperingWriter said...

I really hope he feels better. Poor guy. I know it's no fun when kids are sick.

Breann said...

He is doing way better this week! Now, let's tackle sleeping through the night eh?

The Poop of Others said...

Awwww....ear infections were the worst. He'll be over it soon. I'm sorry he's been sick!!! We've been through every illness under the sunless sky this Winter. I can't wait for Spring.