Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're your backyard friends...

In trying to find something to occupy Logan's attention on tv (only for short periods of time) I asked my boss for suggestions. She said that her daughter loves the Backyardigans, and it is available on Netflix instant stream. Perfect!

"We're your backyard friends, the Backyaaaaaaaardigaaaaaaans!"

I put Logan in his swing and he was fussy an tired so I powered up Apple Tv, found Netflix and started Backyardigans.

INSTANTLY he was quiet and fixated.

While I cooked dinner in the other room, I listened to the story of the little cartoon animals - hunting treasure.
Ok here is where I start to see the downside of being an adult watching a very simple and cute cartoon.

1. They go looking for treasure with half a map because "half is better than none!" 
Bullshit! When you grow up you realize half sucks! Half a chocolate? Half a bottle glass of wine? No way! Just try and give me half a cupcake and see what happens...
2. They find the treated by finding the literal "X" on the ground.

Seriously? Life is never so easy! There isn't an x on your future husbands head so you can skip on by the losers you would have dated, looking for that x. There isn't an x on the perfect little black dress or perfect pair of heels... X does NOT mark the spot!!
3. They REBURIED the treasure!

I literally said out loud "what the hell?!" when I saw this happening. Kids! Go shopping! Find your parents so they can buy a big ass house start college funds! At least put some in your pocket!

Stupid little back yard animal friends. But at least Logan loved it and gave me some free time to cook!


Carlyekat said...

Try Shaun the Sheep & Wallace and Grommit! They are on Netflix instant as well, & completely addictive for adults as well. Shaun doesn't need words, so you won't have annoying things in your heads. Illya & I both love them!

Chloe said...

Too funny!!
At least Logan liked it!

Jaimie said...

To be honest I saw your comment on another blog that I read.. you were talking about stoner food & strawberries... I laughed so hard i figured I just HAD to come check your site out :) I didn't know which blog to follow, so I followed both! :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Hahaha! I love it. When we babysit my 2 year old nephew, we are treated to episode after episode of BARNEY (shudders) and Sesame Street. I find myself (despite myself) being enamored by Sesame Street, just as I was when I was a kid. But Barney...I'm constantly saying "what the hell" over Barney.

Diane Haynes said...

That is funny!! Glad Logan enjoyed it so much :)