Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parties and Showers and Lay Offs! Oh My!

When you are getting married, people come out of the woodwork to throw you a party or a shower. The first party we had was a luncheon held by Lee's best friend in high school's mother. The idea was that everyone brought a recipe to help start the Bride's recipe book. Pretty good idea since I was not a cooking person (yet!) In fact, looking back at what was cooked at the luncheon (and the recipes handed down) I may have to recreate the meal!

Pre-me figuring out what to do with this thin, flat hair...

After that was my first official Bridal Shower - in Palestine. The week leading up to it, Lee had the flu. Like 102 degree fever flu. 
When I woke up to get ready for the shower Saturday morning.. I had a fever. I was freaking out. I can't cancel a shower 3 hours away! 
I took 4 Motrin and laid under the ceiling fan in my underwear and my fever went down. I got dressed in the most un-shower outift ever of khakis, tshirt, and cardigan, and drove to Palestine with my soon to be mother in law. 
The shower was lovely, thrown by my Matron of Honor, Katie,  and another bridesmaid, Heather. Again - here I was being the center of attention and with a fever. I tried to be good about it.

Not successfully. 

Finally, there was the "Can't Live Without It" shower - in which people were encouraged to bring things to the shower that they thought we couldn't live without. There was even toilet paper tied to the ficus!

Things moved ahead quickly and before we knew it - the wedding was a week away!

And then I got laid off. Yes, 2 days before the wedding.

But it was from the Job from HELL so in the end, not a big deal.

Not to mention that the same month they were doing massive massive lay offs at Lee's company... a little stressful no?

No worries, he made it through.. 

The rehearsal was a complete circus. No one could hold their attention. Not many people really listened. So finally, my grandmother jumped in and took over! Next thin you knew, people were marching down that aisle and the rehearsal was over. On to the party!

Held at Lee's parents, in the back yard, catered by Lupe Tortilla. 

 My Step-Sister Amber and I, enjoying margaritas!

Amber, MeKenzy (my niece), her daughter Meckenzie (my other niece and yes, 2 flower girls with the same name!) and my Mom
That night, I stayed in the hotel without Lee - not believing that the big day was tomorrow...


Carlin Putman said...

I am loving this blog!!! I feel like I have to keep checking to get the next update!!!!! It really is like a soap!!!! FUN!!!!!

Diane Haynes said...

What a wonderful time.
How exciting!!!!

Lu said...

I want to fast forward and your next post! Love your blog!