Thursday, April 7, 2011

You are what you carry....

As I was digging around in my bag yesterday, I realized - I wonder what others carry in their bag, and why? So - I dumped it out, cleaned up the reciepts, and snapped a photo..
Bag: Cole Haan (my "push gift" from my awesome hubby!)

Contents from left to right: multiple types of lipstick and chapstick. I don't like lipstick, however in the last gift from Clinique, this one hit the exact right color. I keep it around for meetings so I don't look dead. Remember - I need lipstick...

Hand sanitizer
Flash drive (no idea what is on it..)
Logan's socks - i took them off at daycare...
Glasses cleaning cloth
Hand cream - i have the dryest skin EVER
Business card holder
Tiny tape measure - you never know
2 wallets - the green one is my every day stuff and the yellow is the silly stuff like club cards, etc.
Nail Polish - OPI Do You Think I'm Texy? - because I have been meaning to get a Pedi for weeks...
Key ring with stupid cards on it
Car key with house alarm dealy
Pens and a scale
Band aids - because shoes hurt sometimes!
Carter's Coupons - they are evil
An envelope to keep photos in... it's empty... that's what the iPhone is for!

What do you keep in your purse that you MUST HAVE?


Sabrina Bowen said...

I envy you...I haven't carried a purse since K was born. But I have to say, I am HOOKED on Orbit Sweet Mint. I could seriously chew a pack a day (ok, maybe half a pack a day). And when you said scale, I thought literally scale for a second... That's what babies do to you, take away your purse and need for using your brain. Be careful! ;)

Tiffanie said...

I haven't carried a purse either in a whole 3 months. Guess I need to get that bad boy out... for Monday ... shoot my big toe off now or Sunday night?

Donald said...

Biased post! Men don't have purses - can't participate! :P

Paperwork (work and personal)
Sometimes school work
a pony

Suniverse said...

I can't even carry a regular sized purse anymore - it's a giant Bath & Body Works tote bag that's full of . . . everything. Seriously. What do you need? Because I've got it.

I miss my cute bags.

Breann said...

Well I wasn't about to tote the diaper bag to work... but on the weekends the green wallet, the gum, and the phone all make it into the front pocket and whala - diaper bag purse.

angie on maui said...

Hi Breann,

I'm a new follower, visiting you from Weekend Wander. Coincidentally, we share a few mutual friends; I read a few of your posts and knew relatively quickly that I would be following you. This post about the contents your purse made me laugh---I've seen a few "what's in your bag" posts and am seriously wondering, am I the ONLY person whose purse is a total nightmare?! Seriously - everyone seems so purse is filled with receipts and other random objects and I am beginning to feel like a total slob. ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm following and reading along. I'm looking forward to learning more about you!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I always have at least 2 lip glosses and lots of tea. I actually made a tea wallet! Having a separate wallet for club cards is a good idea...