Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday - It's Ok

I saw on Analyze This - and a few others - people doing an "It's Ok" segment once a week. I figured since most Mondays, we are all gulping coffee, cussing traffic, and already longing for Friday - I would do "It's OK" on Mondays.

It's OK -

  • to have 4 cups of coffee a day - especially good coffee
  • to hide in the shower a little longer than normal while your husband watches the baby because you still remember your 5 minute showers during maternity leave.
  • to stay in your pajamas all day Sunday
  • to want to print "No M'am" stickers to put on people's backs while witnessing crimes against fashion
  • to have 2 glasses of wine with dinner, rather than one
  • to have 2 margaritas when out with awesome friends on Friday nights... even with 2 babies amongst you.
  • to wish you could buy everything you see on Etsy
  • to go ahead an buy "just a few things" on Etsy...
  • to wish you were home with your sweet little one instead of looking out the window at work at a cloudy, rainy, dreary day
  • to wear white before Easter - when you live in Texas and it's already 100 80 degrees
How about you? What's ok in your world? Link up or leave a comment!


Chloe said...

It's okay to eat chocolate more than once a day!
And that's all I can think about right now...
It's Monday. I'm not very imaginative on Mondays... Sorry!

Gail said...

I've had chocolate twice today, and I think it would be OK for us to have a GOOD rain!
It would be OK to be with our kids more often! :-)

Breann said...

Chocolate! yes!

Tiffanie said...

It's ok if I have a Pacifico at 3 pm today, right? Hey, I got to time it around my pumping schedule.

The Poop of Others said...

It's OK to drink 4 tequilas on a Saturday night (which I did, last weekend) and let your kids watch Blues Clues all day the next day, while your husband goes into work. The guilt! The guilt! But it's OK!!!!!