Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Put a ring on it already!

The courtship moved fast and furious from then on. We were hardly ever apart for more than a night.

Around the 6 month mark, my mom came in town to visit. This was the second time she had met Lee and she really liked him. I had met Lee's parents in the summer and we hit it off quickly.

One night we were headed to dinner and Lee was meeting us there. In the parking lot he acted like he forgot to lock his car and asked me to walk with him to check. Then he said "get in."
Confused, I got into the passenger seat and he pulled a little pouch from his pocket...

Out of the pouch he pulled a necklace that had his fraternity letters on it. In the Greek world, it's called being "dropped." To me that sounds the exact opposite of what the intention is - which is like a promise ring. This meant I was his, we were committed, and to wear the letters was a very special thing.

My mom told me later that when I walked in the restaurant, my smile was so big she was sure we were engaged. I was beaming and so exited!

As the next few years passed, we continued to work at the same company - seeing each other every day and every night. I eventually was moved to the Operations Desk, where I started working with the infamous Donald. Almost as instant as Lee and I, Donald was my best friend on earth.

This meant poor Donald had to bear the brunt of the at least 6 months of "When is he proposing? I want that ring! Come on!" Donald was a good and loyal friend and never ratted Lee out.

In February of 2004, Lee and I drove to Dallas for the fraternity Sweet Heart Ball on Valentines day. We stopped at a jewelry store where 2 of our good friends worked on weekends and holidays. The plan was to meet up with them and then head over to Lizzy's house to get ready for the ball. While there, Lee led me over to the ring case and asked me which one I liked. I instantly was furious! He had already told me we probably weren't getting engaged until he graduated. Why was he dangling shiney things in my face?!
I hesitantly said I liked a certain one and he said very matter-of-fact "Are you SURE?" I continued to talk to Lizzy while Lee was across the room talking with his friend. He kept punching buttons on his cell and showing the screen to the friend. Holy shit, he is negotiating price isn't he? Then I got clammy and a little freaked out.

Next thing I knew, he was taking me into the back room. Now I was super freaked out.. did he just buy that ring?
Alas - there was a huge bouquet of red roses for me in the room for Valentines day... to throw me off his scent.

As the next couple weeks went by, Lee really started to act extra strange. Going outside to talk on the phone, etc. My mom came back in town and I even found them whispering in my kitchen. One day I left the apartment, forgot something, came back in and he was standing by his desk with his friend and they looked at me all panicked. I suppose I had almost walked in while he was showing him the ring! Hidden right in my living room..

Then, on a Sunday afternoon, we went for an early dinner because he had to study. Somehow, we got on the topic of his upcoming graduation (mine was 6 months after his) and his probable move to Houston. I let him know that I really didn't want to move to Houston as his "girlfriend." I needed more of a promise, no matter how sure I was about our relationship.

Edwin, our waiter and good friend, then asked if we wanted dessert.

Lee said right away "Tirimisu! 2 plates please."

When dessert came, Edwin looked a little shaky as he put the plates down on the table. Mine had chocolate swirled around it. I looked up at Edwin and Lee and said something like "oooh! Chocolate!" Edwin made a face and I looked back down...

This is the plate in front of me

I looked back up and Lee had the ring out and was smiling. I just started crying and hugging him! The ring was on my finger and Edwin finally said "Well what is your answer!?" I shouted "Well YES!" And the ENTIRE RESTAURANT APPLAUDED.


Diane Haynes said...

Bravo my dear, Bravo!!
Excellent story to follow!

Chloe said...

So beautiful!!
I love it!!!
Will you post about your wedding too?
Please, please??

Ryan and Jessica DeWitt said...

I remember that! Yay!!

Carlin Putman said...

I love this story!!!! so romantic!!!

Lu said...

Omg, that is so exciting! I even cheered!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh! I love your story. So sweet and lovely! You sure had to wait a long time. Very romantic! : )

Kelley said...

That is so romantic! So glad you two found each other!