Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving and Planning

I am not a flashy person and I hate being the center of attention, so having the entire place applaud freaked me out. Then people started coming to the table that knew us and heard what was going on.

After that, life continued to move fast. Lee started interviewing for post college jobs. Very quickly he had an interview for the company he wanted to work for the most. As he was leaving town, his old Explorer (aka the exploder) broke down and he had to call his buddy Brandon for help.

About a week later Lee finds out he got the job! With nothing but his offer letter in his hand, he walked in and got a new car.

Before I knew it, Lee was moving to Houston and I was left to finish up the summer in Nacogdoches. You would have thought he was going to another country the way I reacted.

That summer we started hitting a few places on the weekends to look at Wedding sites. I had thought all along that we would be married in his church - but I very quickly disliked the rules and regulations.

So it was back to the drawing board for wedding / reception sites. I started researching hotels with large banquet space, which seemed a good fit since we had so many out of towners. Out of all the emails and request I sent out, I got the most response from the Crowne Plaza in the Medical Center. The next thing I knew - we were booked!

One weekend, I drove up on a Friday from Nac and had my friend Emily help me look through some dresses. I thought I would just shop around and then go on the real dress search later, with my Mom.
Let me tell you something, if you aren't already married. Don't do that! Because what happened? I loved the 3rd dress I tried on! At the time, Mom was actually in Baytown so the next evening her and Tony drove up, I put the dress on, and it was a winner!

Finally, in August, I moved to Houston and into a new, huge apartment very close to Lee's office. I started to job search and found an internship pretty quickly.
This job was total Hell. HELL. I traveled non stop (which I HATE) and I got paid crap and was treated like crap.

All in all, wedding planning looked to be right up my alley. In fact, I always tell people I would love to plan them for a living but sure don't want to work every Saturday! We had the place, DJ, flowers, gifts, and favors all squared away. After negotiations, we had a photographer as well.

Then started the parties. The showers. Oh man...


Suniverse said...

Oooh, sweet. I'm so glad you found your dress and hall so quickly. You should be a planner - working Saturdays wouldn't be great, but if you have fun, worth it?

Carlin Putman said...

i am loving this storyline. I feel like i am watching a soap!!!! soo cool!!!!! i know i know most of the details of you and Lee but this is even more info!!! Love it!!!! : )

Diane Haynes said...

I believe you are lovely. You get what you want! Looks like you deserve it.
You would make a great wedding planner! You have super taste.
I love your words. !!!!!!:)

Chloe said...

The same thing happened to me when I was looking for my dress!! haha
It was love at first sight!
The first dress I saw and the first dress I tried on.
I'm loving your love story!!